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Smooth Otter (Lutrogale perspicillata) Task Force

Meeting held during the IUCN/SSC Otter Specialist Group meeting in Korea, October 2007

Nicole Duplaix, Chair (USA); Dr S. A. Hussain (India) 

Current problems reported by Task Force members and proposed actions:

  • Identify ‘hot spots’ where LP is known to be declining. Develop updated distribution map.
  • Identify areas of increasing habitat loss (mangrove destruction, wetland loss, pollution, dams)
  • What otter protection measures exist in India and SE Asian countries? Is there any enforcement?
  • Report LP concerns to CITES, government agencies and NGOs in your country
  • Fur trade/trapping and smuggling. Pelts appear to be going to China. More data are needed.
  • Genotype – is the genotype of LP homogeneous across its range?
  • Change the Red Data Book listing from “vulnerable” to ??
  • Promote breeding program of LP in captivity in Asian zoos.
  • Export captive bred LP to key zoos in Europe and USA to expand captive breeding program.
  • Develop web site with full LP bibliography in downloadable format to promote awareness
  • Encourage and train students to study LP in the field, particularly in hot spot areas of concern.