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Questions and Answers: In-Depth Responses

I am teaching a class on careers. I have a neat boy in class who would like to study otters as a career. Could you please give us some information as to what he needs to do to pursue this career. Thank you for your help!

Nina Barnett, 16 September 2007

Response from Angela Doroff

"A career in otters" covers a huge breadth! What kind of work is he interested in? Academic research, zoo work, fish & game, wildlife ecology, environmental toxicology and otters, captive rearing and research? There are lots of different paths he could follow. Also, how old are we talking about?

I suggest this website for some pointers:


If he isn't sure, the best thing is to find someone doing otter work close to where he lives and begin volunteering on the project. It's a great way to learn what he wants to do, and also what he doesn't want to do!

Response provided 27 September 2007