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Questions and Answers: In-Depth Responses

What are some organizations that help save otters?

Jamie from Wisconsin , 26 March 2007

Response from Lesley Wright

There are a lot of organisations that help save otters.

Our own organisation, the Otter Specialist Group, tried to coordinate conservation of otters worldwise.
The International Otter Survival Fund also works on a global scale to help otters.

In the USA, there are a whole mass of organisations helping the Sea Otter, which are listed at the bottom of our Sea Otter page

The River Otter Alliance focuses on River Otters in the USA

There are lots of local-level organisations looking after otters in individual states, such as the New York Otter Project and the current one to bring otters back to New Mexico

Wisconsin has a large otter population so there are no projects at state level other than the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources who monitor otter numbers in order to set trapping targets.

In Wisconsin you can go and see otters close up at
Green Bay Wildlife Sanctuary, Green Bay
Henry Vilas Zoo, Madison
Milwaukee Zoo
NEW Zoo, Greenbay
Racine Zoo
(list from River Otter Alliance website)

I would expect that local wildlife rehabilitation centres will also help individual injured or orphan otters.

Response provided 30 March 2007